Why is Google still the number 1 search engine?

a lot of people will give you the precise answer, but for the fallacious reason – they have got no longer used any other search engine.
i exploit three different browsers (regularly concurrently) with three totally different default serps – IE – Bing, Chrome – Google and Firefox – DuckDuckGo.

When it comes down to looking for the well-liked stuff like information about a football crew, a popular situation or restaurant and so forth. there is not any real difference – all the results are pretty much related or atleast what you’re looking for within the first web page.  I my opinion Google is fairly better as a result of the next cause:

  1. Core business –  Google always was and is a search engine firm. Their core product remains to be Google search. Microsoft does a lot of other things, looking out is not their core product. they might begin the usage of Google without too much bother if they needed.
  2. Simplicity – whereas one of the vital success of Google as been as a result of it provides better outcomes, its real success (i feel) is it philosophy and simplicity. Its all the time been a white page with a search bar. no person desires these stupid news stories, well being guidelines and celebrity tendencies when all you in point of fact need is to search for vibration caused by means of turbulent go with the flow. in the good previous day of the dial up connection, this used to be a huge plus, which is why is was the homepage of so many and nonetheless continues.
  3. building a Fortress – Google has efficiently been able to innovate and create new merchandise that complements its search engine (and also keeps its opponents busy). some of these early success was once Google Earth/Maps, Google Translate, Gmail, and Android. Gmail particularly used to be this kind of large hit throughout the occasions when ‘hotmail’ was the one and handiest best. again, the dedication of simplicity and textual content handiest commercials is why its turn out to be nearly synomous with email. Naturally, the more products you utilize of google, the extra probably you’ll search with it.
  4. tracking – Google is continuously monitoring you, now not just on their web pages but a bunch of a number of other sites too. even though you aren’t signed in they nonetheless use that data to relate to individuals in that space/ region. This make for excellent centered commercials, but additionally offers higher outcomes related to the place you’re dwelling.

So i wouldn’t tell that Google is on the highest because it’s the absolute best, its a mix of good strategy, luck and a few in actuality excellent search algorithms.

Why is Google still the number 1 search engine?

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