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In South Asian nations like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, the need to donate blood has by no means been better than now. In these areas, the place inter-household marriages are standard, there is a greater incidence of genetic problems, such as the genetic blood disorder referred to as thalassemia, which affects the haemoglobin (iron) stage found in blood.

Dr. Wasim Khawaja from the Pakistan Institute of scientific Sciences mentioned that in this generation, there are 10 million carriers of thalassemia, with 8,000 youngsters being born with the blood disorder annually.

With such a big clinical emergency, what may also be carried out to offset the results of thalassemia and different varied blood ailments comparable to sickle cell illness and anemia? One resolution is to not marry within household without blood tests to be sure that the infant isn’t born crippled for lifestyles. the solution for youngsters already affected leverages know-how and could lend a hand toughen voluntary blood donations all across the world.

Is Donating Blood easy?

In 2013, it was found that simplest 28 folks from 10,000 donated their blood in low-profits countries, similar to Pakistan. it is most often said that most of the people affected by a extreme case of thalassemia and anemia require crimson blood transfusions every 2-3 weeks. This quantities to fifty two pints of blood per yr.

Given how a lot blood donation can assist ease the suffering of thalassemia patients, the need of the hour is to unfold consciousness in society about blood donation.

within the outdated days, you may also remember, there used to be blood donation camps set up in places, inviting folks to sign up for them for a useful lead to. many people, myself incorporated, used to be skeptical of those make-shift tents by means of the roadside, with questions about how protected and hygienic they may be.

Attitudes have changed considering the fact that then. Now, because of the proliferation of smartphones, apps and cell technology, finding a keen donor for your area is more uncomplicated than ever.

Get your self Registered as a Blood Donor online

Getting your self registered as a blood donor online is easy. Apps such as GeoBlood can help you shop lives.

Geoblood has been developed by a Pakistani developer Muhammad Bilal. He foresaw the necessity for such an app, given how many people want blood transfusion to reside to look any other day in Pakistan.


mainly, the app works by means of letting individuals register as a blood donor, with their geo-place given. in a similar way, patients who need blood transfusion can attain out to voluntary blood donors and message them via the app. The app additionally categorizes attainable donors by using their blood sort.

the entire maps and geo-location knowledge is saved on a web based database. The developer assures us that the user information is steady and that it additionally makes use of Google Maps API for geo-location. currently the app comes with English language best, but the developer plans to incorporate more languages in a future replace.

GeoBlood isn’t restricted for use in Pakistan handiest. it can be utilized by blood donors and patients global.

Concluding ideas

the good thing about GeoBlood and different similar apps is that they cut down on the red tape associated with the normal scientific sector. It connects the affected person with the donor, and together they can seek advice from a medical facility near them to do the needful. this is legitimate for each growing and developed international locations, where the state of privatized or public healthcare services and products go away a lot to be favored.


however, as with such apps, the possibility of abuse additionally exists. there’s the issue of user privateness, one who GeoBlood manages to deal with by using offering only an approximate distance between the closest blood donor to your area. remainder of the donor’s contact knowledge is particular until the donor accepts your request by the use of messaging.

In Pakistan, where blood donation ranges are abysmally low, having extra technologically-oriented solutions to an extended-standing medical emergency can help matters strengthen. Saving a life is also simpler now, however it’s nonetheless one thing that may’t be quantified in sheer numerical phrases.

concerned about saving a life? Or find a blood donor close to you? you could try out GeoBlood for Android devices right here.

using know-how to resolve the Blood Donor patient Divide

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