These Are the highest 10 Trending phrases of 2016

once a year new traits & occasions convey with them sure new terms and phrases in our day by day use. on occasion even internet slang makes its manner into the English vocabulary.

Lets take an example of such net slang. Being “salty” is one such phrase. generally it way something incorporates quite a few salt in it. The slang model of being salty method to be angry or agitated at one thing.

For 2016, there have been a number of words that made their means into the vocabulary. The Oxford dictionary for example, is updated 4 occasions a yr in March, June, September and December. The update in September by myself delivered 500 new phrases.

We take a look at the ten most popular and new phrases which have made it to our day by day usage in 2016 and in addition in dictionaries (Collins Dictionary on this case):

1. Brexit

surely probably the most well-liked phrases thrown around this 12 months. The word itself indicates Britain leaving or “exiting” the european Union. Collins’ head of language content material, Helen Newstead stated,

Brexit is arguably politics’ most necessary contribution to the English language in over 40 years, on the grounds that Watergate scandal gave commentators and comedians the suffix “-gate” to make any incident or scandal infinitely more compelling.

The utilization of the phrase was recorded as early as in 2013 despite the fact that it didn’t develop into popular until this year. It’s usage skyrocketed to 3400% in comparison with final yr.

2. Hygge

This word originates from Denmark. The meaning of the word factors to a concept of creating a comfortable atmosphere that promotes smartly being.

three. Mic Drop

This might sound obvious. Mic drop is a theatrical gesture which is completed following an ideal speech or performance, with the aid of throwing the mic you’re preserving to the ground. it’s regularly used on the net after a remark or a “burn”.

four. Trumpism

This word can be pretty much self explanatory. The phrase is derived from the united states presidential nominee and baby-kisser, Donald Trump. It has two totally different meanings:

  • it will probably either mean the policies encouraged by means of Trump, particularly the ones which reject the present scenario and approves of following American nationwide pursuits.
  • Or it can be an outrageous or controversial remark launched via Trump.

this is not the primary time a politician’s title has been utilized in a word to describe their insurance policies. “Reaganomics” or “Thatcherism” are examples of phrases made after the names of US president Ronald Reagan and UK top Minister Margaret Thatcher.

5. Throw coloration

Throwing color on anyone approach to disrespect or trash discuss someone. Publicly dissing or exhibiting contempt for somebody may also be known as throwing a shade on any person. It on a regular basis implies the colour thrower as the unhealthy particular person.

6. Sharenting

Derived from “sharing” and “parenting”, sharenting approach to incessantly use social media to share news, photos, and so on of your children online. I’m sure some of you’ll have seen this themselves, and now you may have a word for it.

7. Snowflake technology

The snowflake technology is used to discuss with the young adults of the present decade. this is because they’re perceived as being less resilient and more sensitive most often. They take offense to issues very simply in comparison with the generation sooner than them.

eight. Dude food

Junk meals can also be called dude meals as well. Junk meals as in non-healthy excessive calorie food like burgers, fries and colas.


An abbreviation quick for joy Of lacking Out. people regularly say that no longer doing this or not making an attempt with the intention to imply you’re missing out on the enjoyable of it. JOMO is the alternative of what in most cases individuals assume and implies that the individual continues to be having enjoyable without worrying about lacking the fun through not doing/attempting new issues.

10. Uberization

A trade model which follows Uber’s (the on-demand trip sharing service) trade adaptation. It entails an on demand carrier via direct contact between the industry that’s offering the provider and the client. that is regularly achieved by means of mobile know-how.

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These Are the highest 10 Trending phrases of 2016

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