Division 1.three Patch Notes cover main Weapon

Underground launches the next day, June 28, for Xbox One and pc, ahead of it involves ps4 on August 2. As for the 1.three replace, it lands day after today as well for Xbox One and laptop, but has been delayed on PS4. right through a livestream adventure lately, builders stated it might arrive “next week,” almost definitely Tuesday, July 5.

The Division’s 1.3 update introduces a new equipment set referred to as AlphaBridge, along with a series of new excessive-finish weapons and weapon sorts. These embrace:

  • armed forces G36 Assault Rifle
  • G36C Assault Rifle
  • G36 superior Assault Rifle
  • Surplus SVD Marksman Rifle
  • Paratrooper SVD Marksman Rifle
  • PP-19 Submachine Gun
  • greater PP-19 Submachine Gun
  • X-45 Pistol
  • First Wave X-45 Pistol

additionally with regards to weapons, this update makes a sequence of significant adjustments to weapon steadiness, whereas it additionally nerfs special ammo. additionally, there are a number of worm fixes in the Division’s 1.3 update, together with where the moon would appear the wrong way up. Whoops.

As for brand new features, the 1.3 replace provides a brand new characteristic that allows you to recalibrate your weapons, while there is a new darkish Zone bracket for folk with 231+ gear ranking.

listed here are the entire patch notes for The Division’s 1.three/Underground patch:


  • there is a secret conflict occurring within the uncharted and claustrophobic depths of big apple. Root out the possibility and earn distinctive rewards.
  • discover the Underground of new York in solo play or as much as four participant co-op.
  • Operations: experience randomly generated ranges with all new environmental hazards and traps.
  • Directives: Add a unique twist to your gameplay expertise by using altering the principles of engagement for each your enemies and your personal crew and combine extra Directives to unlock higher rewards.
  • Underground Rank: Earn Underground expertise and climb in Rank to liberate new Directives, Operation varieties, and unique vanity items.

New Incursion: Dragon’s Nest

  • trip to Hell’s Kitchen and look into rumors of a new Cleaner weapon that may wreak havoc all through ny.
  • it’s important to be level 30 and have accomplished the mission “basic assembly” to get right of entry to the incursion.
  • The stumble upon is balanced for a group of 4 avid gamers geared up with high-stage gear.
  • Heroic Mode will likely be to be had one week after release.

New gear units and Weapons

  • brought four new gear units:
    • B.L.I.N.D. – control the battlefield with an more advantageous Pulse ability and flashbangs with this hybrid gear set.
    • DeadEYE – Dictate long-range engagements with highly effective very important strikes or accurate headshots.
    • FireCrest – Set your enemies ablaze with this offensive equipment set.
    • Reclaimer – increase your complete group with the final word fortify set.
  • added one new Weapon:
    • B.L.I.N.D. system MDR Rifle: Please word that whereas it will be carried out within the game, you’re going to now not have the ability to accumulate it until a future update.

update 1.3

NEW options

New tools sets

  • brought one new equipment Set:
    • AlphaBridge – benefit from all of your equipped weapon abilities with this powerful set.

New high-finish Weapons and Weapon sorts

  • delivered 9 new weapon types:
    • defense force G36 Assault Rifle
    • G36C Assault Rifle
    • G36 enhanced Assault Rifle
    • Surplus SVD Marksman Rifle
    • Paratrooper SVD Marksman Rifle
    • PP-19 Submachine Gun
    • more desirable PP-19 Submachine Gun
    • X-45 Pistol
    • First Wave X-45 Pistol
  • delivered a brand new excessive-end named weapon:
    • The Showstopper: a singular full-auto shotgun that’s excellent for close-quarter combat.

Heroic Mode and problem Mode Missions

  • delivered challenge mode issue for 2 new primary missions:
    • Hudson Refugee Camp
    • Queens Tunnel Camp
  • delivered a brand new Heroic mode problem:
    • combat even enhanced enemies to liberate top tier rewards.
    • available for the primary Missions: Refugee Camp, Queen’s Tunnel Camp, Russian Consulate, Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint, Lexington experience center, and WarrenGate energy Plant.
    • on hand for the Incursions: Falcon misplaced, Clear Sky, and Dragon’s Nest. Please word that Dragon’s Nest Heroic Mode shall be made on hand the week after unencumber for Underground homeowners.
    • daily Missions don’t improve the Heroic problem.

Base of Operations Extension

  • The Terminal is a new shared social house within the Base of Operations.
  • The Terminal can also be discovered in the back of the base, next to the Reward claim vendor.
  • seek advice from high-worth target contractors and all new providers.
  • The special tools seller has been cut up into two companies throughout the Terminal, items supplier and Blueprint dealer.
  • avid gamers may also quick travel right away to The Terminal.

Weapon Recalibration

  • that you could now recalibrate one in every of your Weapon abilities at the recalibration bench.
  • Recalibrating a weapon skill requires Weapon Kits and Phoenix credits. Weapon Kits will also be received thru drops within the recreation or crafted.

recreation modifications


  • introduced a brand new darkish Zone bracket for 231+ gear rating.
  • participant stash size has been elevated to 70 complete slots (together with Base of Operation enhancements).
  • level 30 avid gamers will now only come across stage 30 or greater enemy NPCs in Free Roam.
  • Rebalanced NPC’s susceptible points to be extra constant across the board. This influences the quantity of damage needed to trigger them and the amount of injury it does when brought about.
  • that you would be able to now convert three excessive-end Division Tech to one among any high-finish crafting subject matter.
  • decreased the Phoenix credit prices of 204 excessive-end and 240 tools Set gadgets and blueprints.
  • The different equipment supplier within the Tech Wing simplest sells gadgets now and can now not promote Blueprints. Blueprints have been moved to a brand new dealer within the Terminal.
  • which you can no longer share an item that you have geared up.
  • adjustments had been made to NPC danger lists that caused gamers to remain in combat for giant periods of time. you’ll now go away combat after achieving a certain distance away from the enemy or after a set amount of time.
  • players will now be disconnected from the game server if they’re inactive for 15 minutes or longer.
  • gamers can now matchmake from inside no-respawn areas and can fast travel into actions whereas the crew is in a no-respawn space.
  • you can no longer kick a group member in a boss combat and as much as one minute after it has been completed. This restriction does no longer observe to team members who’re AFK or outside the mission house.
  • All gamers should now be present in the last Circle in Clear Sky prior to you could interact with the computer and fuses.
  • NPCs positioned within the last Circle in Clear Sky will in an instant respawn once killed except gamers enter the realm.
  • gamers can no longer installation mobile quilt skill whereas they’re performing a cover-to-quilt transfer.
  • unique injury Resilience is now capped at ninety%.


These adjustments handiest affect weapons got after replace 1.three until stated in any other case.

  • brought unique bonuses to a number of weapon families:
    • LMG – increased harm to objectives out of cover through X%.
    • Shotguns – introduced an opportunity to stagger NPCs. This will not affect other gamers.
    • Assault Rifles – introduced an enemy armor injury bonus. this doesn’t affect damage completed to other gamers.
  • modified the weapon bonus on SMGs from a % crit hit chance to % crit hit damage.
  • elevated the base injury of Shotguns.
  • reduced the harm achieved through the AUG and Vector. This impacts all new and existing ones.
  • elevated the minimum accuracy cap on the M1A. When capturing constantly, the crosshair will grow to a a lot better dimension than it previously did. This affects all new and current M1As.
  • The injury executed by Explosive bullets has been lowered.
  • The standing effect of Incendiary bullets has been diminished in opposition to other gamers.


  • each gear piece now has a collection collection of mod slots that can’t be recalibrated. this modification simplest impacts gear that drops after replace 1.3. each and every gear piece will now have:
    • Chest: 2 mod slots
    • masks: 1 mod slot
    • Kneepad: 1 mod slot
    • Backpack: 1 mod slot
    • Gloves : zero mod slots
    • Holster: 0 mod slots
  • Holsters will now always have all three attributes.
  • Sentry’s call and Striker’s Battlegear gear sets have had their two-set and three-set bonus decreased, and now we have added a new 5-set bonus. The 4-set bonuses have now not been modified.
    • Sentry’s name bonuses have been:
      • 2 Set: +30% Headshot harm
      • three Set: +20% harm to Elites
    • Sentry’s name bonuses are now:
      • Sentry’s call 2 Set: +10% Headshot damage
      • Sentry’s call 3 Set: +10% harm to Elites
      • Sentry’s name 5 Set: +20% Headshot harm and +10% damage to Elites
    • Striker’s Battlegear bonuses have been:
      • 2 Set: +20% Enemy Armor injury
      • three Set: +50% vital Hit harm
    • Striker’s Battlegear bonuses are now
      • Striker’s Battlegear 2 Set: +10% Enemy Armor harm
      • Striker’s Battlegear three Set: +20% very important Hit damage
      • Striker’s Battlegear 5 Set: +10% Enemy Armor injury and +30% important Hit harm

darkish Zone

  • The 231+ tools score darkish Zone bracket will include more powerful NPCs.
    • DZ 01-02  NPC lvl 33
    • DZ 03-04  NPC lvl 34
    • DZ 05-06  NPC lvl 35
  • DZ 05-06 in equipment ranking bracket 201-230 will now have an opportunity to drop gear rating 229 high Ends and 268 gear units.
  • dark Zone chests now scale better with the tools score bracket and the named zone you might be in.

Loot changes

  • The high-risk excessive-worth goals have had their rewards and issue adjusted to bear in mind the gear ranking elevate.
  • Normalized loot drops from primary Missions in problem mode.
  • Caduceus can now drop from exhausting Mode Mission bosses.
  • standard mode Missions now drop sophisticated objects.
  • green Division Tech will now not drop at midnight Zone after stage 30.


  • introduced a base weapon harm worth that makes it more uncomplicated to match weapons.
  • gear mods and weapon mods are now mixed in the identical inventory display.
  • brought a brand new inventory slot for Misc.
  • greater the visibility of provide Drops on the Mega Map.

worm FIXES

  • fastened a malicious program the place the Predator 4-set bleed impact would now not set off the Shrapnel participant skill.
  • fastened a bug the place a participant the usage of a med-kit whereas having the combat medic skill outfitted would end in destroying allied skills proxy.
  • mounted a bug the place the use of a med-kit while having the combat medic talent equipped would heal the player the usage of it for forty% extra health instead of simply their allies.
  • mounted a computer virus the place EMP grenades would now not all the time set off the final Measure four-set defuse effect.
  • mounted a malicious program where the Operation ISAC timer used to be exhibiting the improper time.
  • Predatory weapon skill now as it should be uses the player’s health as the bottom of the healing quantity, as a substitute of the target’s well being.
  • fastened a worm the place the Survivor hyperlink Signature ability would increase the motion pace while shifting backwards and carrying an merchandise.
  • fastened a worm the place the Ballistic defend would lose its hitbox after the player performed a roll transfer.
  • fixed a trojan horse the place the Ballistic shield would become invincible after opening and shutting the inventory.
  • fixed a worm where Pulse would infrequently now not become aware of NPCs in range.
  • fixed a bug that brought about loot containers to from time to time no longer be detected through Pulse when the usage of the Recon % modification.
  • fastened a trojan horse that allowed gamers to go thru objects by means of deploying the cellular quilt on the top of stairs.
  • fastened a trojan horse where NPC skirmishes could start while a supply Drop adventure used to be underway in that same vicinity.
  • mounted supply Drop notifications and mission tracker inconsistencies.
  • fixed a worm that allowed Explosive Bullets to every now and then damage avid gamers behind duvet.
  • fastened a worm where sometimes the damage shown by way of the weapon blueprint is larger than the true harm of the crafted weapon.
  • mounted a bug the place sending a group invite to a participant from the prompt record would make that participant seen on the megamap at nighttime Zone.
  • mounted VoIP chat inflicting lag and freezes in the dead of night Zone.
  • fixed a worm where surplus Division Tech rewarded in Sealed Caches would not drop to the bottom if the player had reached Division Tech useful resource limit of their pouches.
  • mounted a bug the place every so often players may no longer pick up forex drops from enemy NPCs.
  • mounted a trojan horse where the Rogue icon would keep on the map after the Rogue player was once eliminated.
  • mounted a malicious program where players could use the Ballistic protect ability to interrupt the collision with the dark Zone Checkpoint doors and enter the Checkpoint whereas Rogue.
  • fastened a malicious program where players can be teleported out of an electronics shop inside of Clinton map house.
  • mounted a worm the place the participant may exit the playable map area in Napalm manufacturing web page mission.
  • fixed a trojan horse in Napalm manufacturing site where every now and then the first purpose would not full if avid gamers killed the NPCs and Napalm tank with a single Sticky Bomb.
  • fastened an FPS problem all through the explosion sequence in Napalm production site.
  • mounted a malicious program where gamers could be thought to be out of doors the playable map area and teleported out in DZ06.
  • fixed a malicious program where sometimes avid gamers would take damage when climbing a ladder in DZ01.
  • fixed a number of character collision considerations in Precinct Siege mission in Brooklyn.
  • fixed a worm where the crucial Search and wreck mission icon would now not display on the Megamap.
  • mounted a bug the place high price target NPCs might shoot thru partitions in Flatiron District.
  • fastened a bug the place the excessive-worth target mission in Hell’s Kitchen would every so often lock loot in the back of a door.
  • fixed a rare trojan horse the place a group of level 1 NPCs would spawn in DZ04.
  • mounted a bug where infrequently the Deconstruction UI pop-up would overlap the Crafting desk menu.
  • fastened a computer virus the place you might want to recalibrate an attribute to a worth outside of what was displayed in the UI.
  • mounted a computer virus that might sometimes cause numbers to be rounded incorrectly.
  • mounted a malicious program where infrequently reloading would not take prolonged magazines into consideration.
  • mounted a worm the place ending reload animations would not play.
  • fastened a worm the place the player would be caught in the blind fireplace position for too long.
  • fastened a trojan horse the place player would see the fall damage warning on non-movement interactions.
  • fixed the colour of self-importance loot drops when considered in the recreation world from afar.
  • fixed some audio propagation bugs for Fragmentation Grenade and player gunshots while in the dead of night Zone.
  • fixed a few subtitle localization issues for interactions with JTF patrols.
  • mounted a trojan horse where pals were not seen on the megamap when not grouped.
  • fixed a rare difficulty the place the mission UI would disappear following a mission failure.
  • Minor text corrections for a number of gadgets in the in-recreation retailer.
  • fastened a worm the place the Moon used to be the wrong way up.

pc specific

  • enhancements to consumable and grenade choice wheel navigation.
  • added new key binding options for immediate ability use (self-cast).
  • participant kills at the moment are announced in local chat, including the participant usernames.
  • increased dimension of ignore checklist for chat and outdated entries at the moment are pushed off the end of the listing (removed).
  • fixed the UI notifications for the high-worth goal dealer.
  • mounted a trojan horse the place the mouse wheel would no longer scroll the gear Mod inventory screen.
  • fixed a bug where the scrollbar would no longer return to the highest of the pane when gamers changed blueprint picks in any vendor inventory monitor.
  • Tobii eye-monitoring: Separated aim-At-Gaze and canopy-At-Gaze choices.

Division 1.three Patch Notes cover main Weapon

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