Telenor Publishes protection Map for its 3G, 4G products and services

wireless cell telecommunication expertise has unfold its wings in Pakistan. The improvements within the box, however, had been slightly grim. The services provided have been variable at perfect.


As we suggested in the past, users of 3G and 4G in Pakistan has reached a total of 32 million as of July 2016. The elevated choice of users demand delight which requires better connectivity and sustainable bandwidth.

Telenor just lately has started a service called 3G/4G coverage Map. the corporate gives a much bigger image of the protection area the place the 3G and 4G services and products are enabled. it will lend a hand the users to check the geographical places the place they’re going to be able to use them.

Telenor makes use of Google’s mapping services to portray the efficient house of the 3G and 4G services and products thru different shade coding scheme.

Following is a screenshot of the way it looks as if:

the fairway color identifies the 4G products and services where as the sunshine blue colour coding scheme is used for 3G.

which you could zoom inside and outside, identical to you do in Google maps and the coverage house shall be represented for this reason.


This protection map for Telenor’s 3G and 4G will not directly enable users to get a clearer image whether they will be capable of make the most of both 3G and 4G or not.

no matter how nice the initiative is, there’s at all times room to grow and improve. Telenor can introduce the share factor for each metropolis so one can verify the chances of the user’s request to access the know-how together with the visual illustration. it is going to make their efforts extra convincing and representable.

The desktop functions are phasing out as more and more people are migrating against smartphones. An software, just like Google Maps, can assist the users loads and in addition reinforce their probabilities of making this carrier an even bigger success.

Telenor may additionally believe marking areas (with grey colour possibly) the place users can predict 3G/4G coverage in next (say) three months, in order that users in these areas stay on standby and don’t switch to other networks just for the sake of 3G or 4G products and services.

Telenor Publishes protection Map for its 3G, 4G products and services

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