Stack overflow introduces Developer stories, on-line resumes made for builders

Stack Overflow is introducing a new feature by using the name of Developer stories lately. this feature will lend a hand programmers and device developers gain consideration of recruiters.

Stack Overflow is famous for its community driven platform. It encourages dialogue among programmers over questions associated to tool building and laptop science. despite the fact that its hottest product is the forum which include an infinite collection of questions and answers, it additionally offers a few different services and products to builders and programmers. one of those products and services is job looking which saves pc savvy users the hassle of going out and trying to find jobs.

Stack Overflow is taking a look to extend that platform by means of introducing Developer stories; a new form of on-line resume catered for programmers and tool developers. the entire thought behind the concept arises from the structure of regular resumes. those resumes put plenty of emphasis on job titles, faculties and degrees — however that doesn’t all the time work for developers. consistent with a survey carried out via Stack Overflow, a majority of its customers do not even have a pc science stage. So it does not make experience for developers to keep the use of common resumes to apply for a job.

Developer tales put your exact achievements front and center

Developer tales via Stack Overflow are made to position your work as a developer in the spotlight. So corporations looking to hire might be ready to choose folks in response to their work and now not on the basis of degrees they’ve earned.


Jay Hanlon, Stack Overflow VP of neighborhood Product, mentioned whereas talking to TechCrunch about this selection:

“They (Developer tales) are optimized for conveying the importance of your pedigree. builders, basically, are makers. they’re much less like a trade analyst where a title conveys authority. an enormous share of developers actually never go on the lookout for jobs. The have individuals come to them. probably the most issues Developer Story is optimized for is for these folks.”

Availability and Pricing

as with any different merchandise through Stack Overflow, Developer tales are also utterly free to make use of and are on hand for everyone to use. that you can begin using this feature now by going to up for , signing up and developing your individual Developer Story.

Stack overflow introduces Developer stories, on-line resumes made for builders

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