Social Media cellular Apps Are nonetheless the King: Survey

A study accomplished with the aid of SurveyMonkey printed the top 30 downloaded and most used apps on the iOS and Android app shops. The find out about confirmed that social media apps dominated over cellular video games within the first half of 2016.

“most effective 2 games have been in a position to make it into the top 10 of most downloaded apps”

First the video games. the two video games that made it to the checklist have been and coloration swap. Pokemon Go wasn’t integrated in this survey as a result of it was launched on 6th July.

The social media app that took the primary position in the rating was facebook Messenger, with Snapchat coming in second, facebook 0.33, Instagram fourth and color swap coming in at fifth position.

here is a graph exhibiting the 30 most downloaded mobile apps within the first 1/2 of 2016:

In probably the most used apps section, the highest 5 positions have been taken by way of  facebook, YouTube, Messenger, Google Maps and Play store (in that order). the first 12 apps on this record are all owned with the aid of either Google, fb or Apple. the person who breaks the chain is Snapchat, coming in at number thirteen.

“40% of the most-used apps come pre-loaded on the mobile operating gadget”

SurveyMonkey also talked about that the rationale a few of the most-used apps are owned with the aid of either Google, fb or Apple is that they come pre-loaded within the majority of the gadgets that hit the market. That interprets into them being used extra rather than being downloaded from the app retailer. This alone highlights the importance of Android and iOS to Google and Apple.

“essentially the most-used apps are also the most downloaded apps, however no longer all downloaded apps are essentially the most used.”

the explanation video games didn’t make it to the highest of the charts is that no particular game is dominant. customers unquestionably wish to play games on their smartphones however with dozens of titles being released on the app store, it is troublesome to keep up with each and everyone of them and so very few video games get to be the “most-used”.

until you imagine the Pokemon Go phenomenon that’s all too up to date that is.

via: SurveyMonkey

Social Media cellular Apps Are nonetheless the King: Survey

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