How to protect Android phone from overheating? follow these 6 tips

The processing power of smartphones is getting increased day by day, as the technology is growing rapidly and the innovation is taking place in today’s era. Due to the great performance and working, every smart phone is getting a large size battery and huge power backup.

So, sometimes smart phone gets hot and overheated while we playing games, using 3g, 4g internet or calling for a long. Here a question arises, What’s the solution of it? We are here to tell you 6 tips by which you can heal your smart phone from this problem.


  • Don’t use case or cover:

This is first tip you will have to do. Avoid using case and cover while playing games on phone or going to talk for a long. Although this is necessary for the protection of phone, but remove them when you are going make phone busy for more time. Because the heat remains inside the phone when it is covered by a case or cover.


  • Use the hard surface while charging:

Always use the hard surface while charging the phone.  Don’t ever put your phone on bed or any soft surface, because soft surface is an absorber of heat and make your phone more heated.


  • Don’t complete your phone charging 100%:

Everyone wants to charge the battery of phone 100% but this will not be good for your phone. Always charge it 90% maximum and remove the charger. Avoid charging your phone overnight.


  • Kill the heavy apps:

Always try to close or kill the heavy apps you have installed in your phone when not in use. Because these kinds of apps consume more power and processing and due to that your device gets over heated.


  • Avoid 3rd party chargers:

Always use the charger you get with your phone, don’t ever use 3rd party charger to charge your phone. It can be a harmful act for your smartphone.


  • Keep your phones back side safe from sun light:

Don’t ever put your phone in sun light through back. Sun light makes the battery of phone weaker and due to the processing of phone it gets over heated. It will destroy the power backup of your phone.

How to protect Android phone from overheating? follow these 6 tips

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