Google’s yet one more gift MapGL 3D picture view

Google’s yet one more super update in expertise as MapGL 3D image view, this technology brings 3D pics to your browser. Google Maps are of serious assist to everyone in searching vicinity, distance between different areas, instructions to achieve exact location, photographs of location taken with the aid of satellite and to look the weather forecast additionally. in the past we have been in a position to view vicinity in three totally different modes with the aid of using Google Earth – Maps, satellite tv for pc, Terrain. it is very exciting to search house, streets and many more between millions of small houses, streets proven by using the maps.

Google Map offers choices like zoom the specified place, navigation arrows for shifting proper, left, top, down. Search the best shortcut approach to reach the outlined location, also see photography of the site , but the photography had been blurred and now not of excessive definition. however now you revel in Map photo Library that’s MapGL 3D image view which uses the technology WebGL. Now there is no want to set up any additional instrument plugin to see the images/pictures to your browser.

MapGL 3D image view technology have quite a lot of features like:

1. No need to install any extra tool plugin to your gadget browser.
2. provide unending transitions between completely different region/pictures.
three. smooth movement between minimal and most zoom level.
4. 3D View of location/streets/guidelines.
5. 45 degree rotation facility to get 4 Views of the world.
6. quicker swapping from map view to boulevard view.
7. Vector maps for the use of Google maps on android and on other more desirable technologies.
8. Take the dummy man from the google map, to view the streets clearer and faster without any downloading.

Google another gift MapGL 3D image view

MapGL 3D picture view requires your pc to have some minimum configuration/gadget necessities:

1. WebGL enabled browser like Chrome 14+, Mozilla Firefox 8+.
2. operating machine will also be Linux, windows Vista, home windows 7 , Mac (Snow leopard 10.6+, Lion 10.7+).
3. Video card hardware – low built-in Graphical Processing Unit’s aren’t suitable like GMA 3100, in machines working home windows drivers should be put in aft


er January 1,2009.picture playing cards Requirement for MapGL 3D picture view on totally different working device:
1. All operating programs
NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5200
2. windows
Intel GMA 945
three. Mac
ATI Radeon HD2400
ATI Radeon 2600 collectionATI Radeon X1900
GeForce 7300 GT
4. Linux
Intel: Mesa drivers prior than 7.9

Steps to view MapGL 3D picture view:

1. kind or simply within the tackle bar.
2. make a choice maps menu from the Google menu bar.
three. input the name of city or usa you wish to have to construct 3d View and press an enter button or click on on search button.
four. In left panel backside you get an possibility experience MapGL, click on on it.
5. you’ve gotten viewed the listing of various options of MapGL 3D picture view know-how.
6. on the backside of record you will found the try it now button, click on it.
7. As you click on on it is going to start to exhibit you the 3D viewpoint
eight. in the event that your laptop can’t fulfill the machine requirement, then it displays a message and button for navigating to traditional view.
i’m sure you all need to experience this world of MapGL 3D picture view, so just configure your pc up to the requirement and benefit from the WebGL primarily based technology.

Google’s yet one more gift MapGL 3D picture view

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