Breaking: Telenor Wins 4G Spectrum in Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is these days announcing Telenor Pakistan as winner of its 850MHz spectrum auction in Pakistan, we have checked with sources who are familiar with the development.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority had announced the public sale of 10MHz block in 850MHz band at abase worth of $395 Million, for which just one operator (Telenor Pakistan) had submitted its bid.

on account of single bidder, PTA (thru a clause in IM) had this feature of withholding the auction and suspending it for a later time to attract extra bidders for spectrum and not directly a greater worth, however regulator as a substitute is going beforehand with the public sale and Telenor Pakistan will likely be awarded 3G/4G spectrum on the base price.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and Ministry of IT and Telecom, in this regard, is going to make an announcement thru a press briefing, we have now checked.

in step with important points, PTA will announce its resolution of awarding 3G/4G spectrum to Telenor Pakistan.

License award ceremony, together with different modalities of spectrum auction, will likely be arranged at a later time.

Telenor to become third 4G Operator in Pakistan

With this, Telenor Pakistan will have 10MHz of spectrum in 850MHz band with which it’s going to be capable to launch 4G products and services in Pakistan to transform 1/3 4G operator within the u . s ..

not to point out, the spectrum in 850MHz band is know-how neutral.

It will fascinating to note here that Telenor Pakistan has efficiently conducted its 4G exams in Pakistan and it is all set to indirectly launch 4G products and services in the u . s .; the timeline, on the other hand, isn’t clear to us as of yet.

we are awaiting that major cities are going to be provided 4G services with-in few months of the 4G license.

With this spectrum public sale, presently provided 3G services and products may even see a boost in high quality and buyers should straight away predict better than earlier 3G products and services from Telenor Pakistan.


Anusha Rehman, Minister for IT and Telecom, Dr. Ismail Shah, Chairman PTA lately introduced that Telenor Pakistan has been termed the winner of 10MHz block in 850MHz band.

officials stated that Telenor shall be allotted spectrum as following:

  • UL: 824 – 834 MHz
  • DL: 869 – 879 MHz

Press was advised that Telenor is awarded this spectrum on base price of USD 395 Million in response to the agenda given in the IM.

The license will be awarded to Telenor inside 30 days of cost.

Breaking: Telenor Wins 4G Spectrum in Pakistan

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