Best Ways You Can Get Traffic Statistics On Your Website 2016

Every blogger, website owner or co-owner is always interested in knowing how many visits it has in a day; within hours or at least per week or monthly, in eight week or a decade curiosity grows all time long. Every person wants to weigh how much its site is delivering, either to a large percentage or the other means. Oh sure! Even I as a visitor on some sites still get curiosity aches in wanting to know more than just the interface or the content, in knowing how many billions (if the site is a popular site), or just a random stumbled site that its content or interface lures me more to learn more.

Best ways you can get traffic statistics on your website 2016

  1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a traffic statistics site worth considering if you want a free solution to checking your traffic information in a detailed manner, sharing all your data with the Internet’s monolithic ad-driven monopoly – that is to persons. Either way you could differ, that’s if you wish to have more control over your data and site’s privacy, there are some alternative options to make use of.

  1. QuantCast

A traffic statistics site that offers you nothing less than a multiple stand of opportunities out there to discover a website’s traffic measures – by simply subscribing to their services to receive detailed insights on your traffic and also get to find out metrics for on your own website, and based on this some users also could prefer this as it gives an open make selected analytics data publicly available for those who wishes to share their statistics to others publicly for their visitors or any third interested party such as myself could get to know about, so as to show that their site is ranked by a reliable source.

  1. Alexa

Just in case you are new to the hearing of this site, this site is one of the most common used traffic knowing website, popular and reliable too. Using keywords search phrases of the website to target some websites with close relationship with similar keyword phrases.

Its data is free for the public to make use of, and pretty easy to obtain from and give insights on a website statics in some areas, so if you are willing to know your site traffic statistics feel free to go to Alexa.

  1. Website Grader

A website that will help with a free SEO – Search Engine Optimization information, not just that, providing you with lots of piece about the site: SEO that seems related to it, domain age, expiration, traffic rank, Google indexed pages, last Google crawl date, even more exciting you can compare your site with other competitive sites, or check out what other sites are up doing concerning their traffic.

  1. Compete site

It’s a really great site to compare ratings from, offering alternative or even better some really good site to compare ratings so you could have a more objective information. Also, Compete has a tool bar that could track average people count visiting site. Check out site today.

  1. The BuySellAds Market place

It is a BuySellAds platform that is being used for generating advertising revenue, by its ad impressions which are disclosed in the BuySellAds marketplace.

  1. Traffic Estimator

It’s a free resource that gives a bunch of data in one place, making use of search key words on site.  If you’re researching on a new or small websites, you might not get any results from thus tool, but either way one thing the sires known with you can decide today to enjoy exclusive use of this site.

  1. “Advertise here” pages

This seems very easy and accessible as most site have this. Many websites make their metrics available to potential advertisers via this means “press kits, media kits or “advertise here” pages. You can just click to Advertise Here button and see precise results of that site, which could show monthly unique visitors so as Alexa, compete rank, Google page rank, delicious bookmarks and so on.

These pages typically could include in its data a whole lot of information about their views: number of unique visitors, or repeat visitors, monthly page viewers, daily page viewers, newsletter subscriber counts, Rss feed subscribers and social media followers this website gets.

  1. Piwik analytics

Bloggers could also get to use this. Its free, and has an open source analytics. The open source nature of the software allows you to retain complete control over your data without allowing a profit-motivated third party to have access to it.

WordPress plugins available for use with Piwik, and there are also options for custom development.

  1. Search metrics

A web site that show an interested traffic searcher its organic search visibility for a website and also show some of its top keyword terms on the website. It’s similar to SEMrush.
I did pretty much gained a lot just as a visitor, interested in knowing about the ratings of sites, so you yourself consider how much more you could gain if you understand how the traffic statistics of site goes.

Either way I believe the entire essence of what keeps users coming back to site is a good communicative or friendly easily accessible site with live, and I on the site, its easy to get my attention right from the minute I find the contents on your site uncontrollably addictive, there is no close page, log out, bathroom or eye break from screen till I have all the contents digested. I bet that’s just me talking, your experiences from this fields mentioned above in your stastics will put on feet on either to work more or harder. You are the magic behind the traffic so really perform the magic well – the wand lies in your hand.

Best Ways You Can Get Traffic Statistics On Your Website 2016

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